The Japan Foundation Asia Center carries out
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Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP)


Important Announcement
We will no longer be accepting applications for the program. For details please read the announcement on the ALFP website.

About ALFP

The Japan Foundation Asia Center and the International House of Japan (I-House) have jointly been conducting the Asian Leadership Fellow Program since 1996.
Each year, those intellectuals from Asia, having deep roots in civil society and playing a leading role in initiating solidarity among concerned people are invited to reside in Japan for about two months. During their stay in Japan, Fellows intensively discuss regional and global challenges through a series of dialogues. By offering an opportunity of living together, ALFP seeks to create a close, personal, and professional network of public intellectuals in the region.

The Program Overview in 2017

The grand theme for 2017 is "Seeking Our Commons in Asia: How Can We Create Visions for the Future?" When the public sphere is expanding into various realms, such as economics, society, culture, nature, and digital space, what can people in Asia share in common while acknowledging and respecting differences in values and standards? And through dialogue and collaboration, how can we create new values, ideas, and movements from this "commons" or common ground, and connect them to a future which starts from Asia? Newly-selected seven fellows will actively engage in constructive discussions on these issues.

Program Period September 11 to November 2, 2017
Accommodation International House of Japan (I-House)
Schedule Monday, September 11 Commencement of Program
September-October Seminars with resource persons, fields trips, public forums etc.

Main events

Field trip to Mie and Osaka (September 24-28)
Retreat in Hakone (October 22-23)
Public forum at International House of Japan (November 1)

Thursday, November 2 End of program

ALFP Fellows for 2017

Hatano Ayako Hatano Ayako

Visiting Scholar, U.S.-Asia Law Institute, New York University School of Law


Fazal Khaliq Fazal Khaliq

Reporter, Dawn Media Group / Cultural Activist


Sudirman Nasir Sudirman Nasir

Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University


Smita M. Patil Smita M. Patil

Assistant Professor, School of Gender and Development Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


Phan Thanh Duc Phan Thanh Duc

Dean, Faculty of Management Information Systems, Banking Academy of Vietnam


Saroj Srisai Saroj Srisai

Head, Environment Division, ASEAN Secretariat


Wang Xin Wang Xin

Deputy Director, Multimedia Center, Nanjing Daily


The Fellows' profiles are available on ALFP website.

The Program Overview in 2016

Grand Theme Seeking Our Commons in Asia: How Can We Create Visions for the Future?
Program Period September 5 to October 28, 2016
Accommodation International House of Japan (I-House)
Schedule Mon., September 5 Commencement of the Program
September-October Seminars with resource persons, field trips, public seminar etc.

Main events

Retreat in Hayama (September 11-12)
Field trip in Okinawa (September 26-30)、
Public seminar at International House of Japan (October 27)

Fri., October 28 The program ends

ALFP Fellows for 2016

Ayang Utriza Yakin

Lecturer, UIN Jakarta / Vice-Chairman, Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama for Mosque Affairs


Criselda Yabes

Writer / Journalist (Independent)


Saroj Srisai

Programme Coordinator, ASEAN Secretariat


Regrettably, Mr. Saroj Srisai's scheduled visit to Japan has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Phan Ngoc Diem Han

CEO Chief Executive Officer,
Rainbow Media & Entertainment


Lee Taeho

Chair, Policy Committee,
People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)


Kumar Sundaram

Senior Researcher, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace


Amran Hossain

Faculty Member, Department of Political Science, University of Dhaka


Fujioka Emiko

Secretary General, Fukushima Beacon for Global Citizens Network


The Fellows' profiles are available on ALFP website.

Program Overview for 2015

Grand Theme Seeking Our Commons in Asia: How Can We Create Visions for the Future?
Program Period September 7 to October 31, 2015
Venue International House of Japan

■Program Summary

September 7 Orientation、Welcoming Reception at International House of Japan
The Fellows met a number of Japan-based resource persons from academia, NGOs, and business sectors to share their expertise and insight concerning contemporary Japan and Asia. They also initiated "peer-learning sessions" to have in-depth discussions on specific issues.

September 13-14 A weekend retreat was organized in Hakone, Kanagawa, where the Fellows presented their discussion papers on their expertise and areas of interests with several invited guests.
September 22-25 Field trip (Tokushima and Okayama prefectures)
The Fellows went as a group on a field trip organized around their suggestions and common interests. The sites visited include:
Kamiyama Town in Tokushima
Kamiyama Migration Exchange Support Center, Shosanji Temple, Engawa Office, Artist in Residence (KAIR) program
Kamikatsu Town in Tokushima
Hibigaya Waste Station, Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) Kamikatsu Office
Okayama Prefecture
National Sanatorium Nagashima-Aiseien, Japan Blue Co., Ltd.
October 10-17 Individual Activity Period
October 28 Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP) 2015 Public Seminar

At the end of the two-month program, a public seminar was held at the International House of Japan. The fellows presented their thoughts on the current situation of their countries and the issues they have been working on, along with what they have learned from their exchanges and dialogues in Japan.

October 31 End of Program

※The Fellows were also invited to give lectures and talks at universities.

ALFP Fellows for 2015

01saranarat Saranarat Kanjanavanit

Chairperson, Green World Foundation


02karen Karen Lai Yu Lee

Programme Manager, Penang Women's Development Corporation


03dinah Dinah Roma

Poet / Professor, Department of Literature, De La Salle University, Manila


04harry Harry Surjadi

Executive Director, Society of Indonesian Science Journalists


05nomura Nomura Mai

Global Strategic Partnerships Manager, Central European University Business School, Hungary


06yin Yin Shuxi

Professor, Hefei University of Technology


07al Arulanantham Sarveswaran

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo

(Sri Lanka)

08jaideep Jaideep Hardikar

Special Correspondent, The Telegraph, India



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