The Japan Foundation Asia Center carries out
mutual exchange programs and cooperative work
between the people of Asian countries and regions.




The Visual Documentary Project, organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center and Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University, offers a platform for Asian Filmmakers to express their realities through documentaries and introduce them to a broader audience. The theme this year is "Urban Life in Southeast Asia."

Visual Documentary Project 2017

* Details of the Screening will be announced at a later date.

Applications n.b. Applications closed 

June 1 (Thurs) to September 1 (Fri), 2017
Theme Urban Life in Southeast Asia
Eligibility Applicants must be Citizens of Southeast Asia or Japan.

Documentaries must be no longer than 30 minutes.

How to
For application and requirements, see below.
Successful applicants will be invited to the screenings in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan
Successful applicants will be notified in mid-October, 2017 via email.
Organizers The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Yangon Film School, Documentary Arts Asia, WATHANN FILM FESTIVAL, In-Docs, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center, Viddsee


Title Visual Documentary Project 2017 Screening
Date Kyoto: December 7, Thursday, 2017 | Tokyo: December 9, Saturday 2017
Venues Kyoto: Large-Sized Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Inamori Foundation Building, Kyoto University

Tokyo: The Japan Foundation Hall SAKURA

Language Japanese-English interpretation

Japanese and English subtitles

Southeast Asia is rich in its diversity of ethnic, religious and cultural composition. The region has maintained the coexistence of such diversity while at the same time achieving economic progress and becoming a hub for the flow of people, goods, money and information. Yet at present, the region is also confronted with serious issues such as the decrease of biodiversity and tropical forests, disasters, pandemics, aging population, ethnic and religious conflicts, economic differentiation, and poverty.

In the face of this, how is coexistence and sustainability possible despite the diversity that exists? How can we make public resources out of the region's social foundations which are the basis of people's everyday lives? And, how can we connect these in a complementary way to existing systems of governance towards solving the problems and issues mentioned above?

In order to address these questions in the context of Southeast Asia, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University initiated the Visual Documentary project which explicitly examines everyday life through a visual approach in 2012. This project aims to use visual forms of expression to complement the growing literature that exists on Southeast Asian societies. From 2014, the Japan Foundation Asia Center joined this project as a co-organizer to help widely promote the richness of Southeast Asian cultures to people in Japan.

As of 2016, the project has linked up with numerous film schools in the region to help strengthen the documentary filmmaking network.