Japan Foundation ASIA CENTER

The Japan Foundation is Japan's principal institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world. The Asia Center, established within the Japan Foundation in April 2014, is a specialized unit with the goal to connect people, expand networks, and develop cultural programs across Asia. As the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics lie ahead in 2020, through projects in such diverse fields as music, theater, film, sports, Japanese language education and other academic exchanges, the Asia Center, in cooperation with the Foundation's overseas offices, pursues and supports various forms of activities between Asian communities.

"Nihongo Partners"

"NIHONGO Partners" are those who are dispatched to secondary educational institutions mainly in Asia by the Japan Foundation Asia Center in order to support local Japanese language teachers and students. "NIHONGO Partners" deepen their understandings toward the language and culture of the area or country where they stay, and serve as the bridge between Japan and Asia in the future. So why don't you be "NIHONGO Partners" ?

Culture Exchange

The Asia Center aims to connect people and expand networks in Asia,
explore new initiatives and nurture a sense of empathy and co-existence among people in Asia through promoting multi-directional exchanges and cooperation in various fields
ranging from arts and culture, sports to intellectual exchanges.


"Time of Others" Exhibition

Film / Moving Images

Asia Center x Tokyo International Film Festival©2014 TIFF

Intellectual Exchange

FARISH A. NOOR/Across Borders in Southeast Asia Today

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama"Cry Jailolo" Photo by Hideto Maezawa


Collaboration with JFA and J.League

People-to-People Exchange

HANDs! – Hope and Dreams Project!

Grant and Fellowship

The Japan Foundation Asia Center's grant and fellowship programs support collaborative initiatives with Asian—primarily ASEAN—counterparts. Projects in the fields of arts and culture, sports, or intellectual exchange are eligible.

About Grant and Fellowship Programs