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CROSSCUT ASIA Delicious! Online Film Festival


We are delighted to announce that the Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will jointly present "CROSSCUT ASIA Delicious! Online Film Festival" from Friday, January 21 to Thursday, February 3, 2022.

"CROSSCUT ASIA" was launched as an official section of TIFF in 2014 and has since showcased diverse Asian films with a focus on specific Asian countries, directors, or themes. It returns this time as a special two-part program presented online.
Part One's theme is "FOOD". Seven films featuring culinary cultures of various countries and regions in Asia will be screened. Namets! (Yummy!) tells a story of romance between two chefs that revolves around a regional cuisine in the Philippines. My Love is Soup is a heartwarming comedy that introduces to us cooking by Muslims in southern Thailand. Kampai! Sake Sisters is the second documentary film by director KONISHI Mirai about Japanese rice wine. Enjoy these films as an aperitif or a digestif... or watch them while you have a meal! Why not?
Part Two will be Encore screenings of six films hand-picked from past editions of CROSSCUT ASIA. The line-up includes Pete Teo Special, which showcases the multi-talented works of musician, actor (Ghost in the Shell), producer and director Pete Teo, as well as Invisible, a Japan-Philippines co-production filmed in Fukuoka and Asahikawa (Hokkaido).

The selected films will be available for free online streaming during the Festival period. So, help yourself to seconds in this all-you-can-watch film buffet! The main course will be accompanied by attractive side dishes such as directors' talks and interviews about culinary experiences. The full menu of films and special contents will be announced in December. We hope you will enjoy the feast of "delicious!" films from Southeast Asia and Japan.

About the festival

Dates Friday, January 21 to Thursday, February 3, 2022
Language Japanese and English subtitles. Some films will also have subtitles in multiple Southeast Asian languages.
Viewing Free of charge. Details of screenings will be announced in December. (* Some of the films will not be available in all designated countries)
Online streaming
will be
available in
Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore
Organizers The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo International Film Festival
Inquiries to The Japan Foundation Asia Center Arts, Culture and Exchange Section 1 (staff in charge: Murata / Minowa / Takeda)
Tel: 03-5369-6140 / Fax: 03-5369-6141
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Film Line-up

CROSSCUT ASIA special edition featuring "delicious" films from Asia

Namets! (Yummy!)
2008 / The Philippines / 94 min.
Director: Jay Abello

A still of Namets!

My Love is Soup
2020 / Thailand / 99 min.
Director: KriangKrai Monwichit

A still of My Love is Soup
(C) MPictures Co., Ltd.

Kampai! Sake Sisters
2019 / Japan, USA / 96 min.
Director: KONISHI Mirai

A still of Kampai! Sake Sisters


Pete Teo Special
2009 / Malaysia / 97 min.

A still of Pete Teo Special
From Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmed (c) 2009 Redbag Music Sdn Bhd.

2015 / Japan=The Philippines / 134 min.
Director: Lawrence Fajardo

A still of Invisible
©Solar Entertainment Corporation and Center Stage Productions
In cooperation with Fukuoka City

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CROSSCUT ASIA SPECIAL, a booklet about Asian Cinema, is now available in PDF format!