About "NIHONGO Partners" Program

This program dispatches Japanese citizens as “NIHONGO Partners” mainly to secondary schools in Asia in order to support the local Japanese-Language teachers and students. The assignment of “NIHONGO Partners” is not only to support the educational activities of the local Japanese-Language teachers but also to spread the charms of the Japanese language and cultures through their learning support and cultural activities in and outside the classroom. Simultaneously, it is an opportunity for “NIHONGO Partners” to learn about their assigned country through exchange with their students, teachers, and the people of the community. This program aims to deepen mutual understanding and expand exchanges between Japan and Asia.

Over 3,000 people by 2020

Over 3,000 people will be dispatched as "NIHONGO Partners" by 2020 toward the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. We hope this program will creat many human resources who can serve as a bridge between Japan and Asia.


  Brunei Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar Phillipines Singapore Thailand Vietnam Taiwan
Number of People 4 3 566 6 110 18 52 5 375 112 30
  Number of People
Brunei 4
Cambodia 3
Indonesia 565
Laos 6
Malaysia 110
Myanmar 18
Phillipines 52
Singapore 5
Thailand 375
Vietnam 112
Taiwan 30